With our no cost 8 point inspection we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of your home’s pest issues, prevention deficiencies, and provide you with our Green Safe suggested corrective action report. Inspection areas of emphasis will include your home’s yard/landscaping, outside perimeter, vulnerable entry points, inside perimeter/baseboards, vanities, cabinets, attic and crawl space.

99% of your home’s pest problems are considered migratory, meaning they are originating from outside of your home and finding their way in. Knowing this, our stepped Green Safe treatment program utilizes a proactive methodology, where 85% of our services will be provided to the outside of your home. Services to your home’s interior will primarily consist of non-chemical methods and when necessary, graduate to low impact, non-restricted treatments, similar to what we currently use in sensitive commercial environments.

Our Green Safe Program provides the quality and extra time necessary to alleviate pest issues in and around your home in an environmentally responsible manner.

We provide more thermal/heat remediation than any company in our competitive market. Our patented technology and technician experience allow us to provide a more effective, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical treatments. Our thermal remediation treatments kill bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergen-causing organisms. Ask your Green Safe technician about thermal remediation treatment for your home today.

Green Safe seasonal alternative yard treatments available as needed. Talk to your Green Safe technician about what we offer today.

Everyone knows about those embarrassing, hard to reach spider webs on the outside of your home. At Green Safe, we love to go the extra mile for our customers. Extension broom web removal is a complementary part of our service and just another example of what sets us apart.

Exclusion Services can be provided to your home for the prevention of rodent/pest entry as needed.

Provided as needed.

The word “HEPA” stands for high-efficiency particulate air and in order for a filter to be rated as HEPA, it must retain all particles .3 microns in size or larger at an efficiency level of 99.97%. The most common airborne particles are about 2.4 microns, but the average vacuum cleaner only vacuums up particles from 30 to 50 microns in size, blowing the rest of the allergens back into the air. The most harmful sized particulates are about .3 microns in size.

We take pride in using the most advanced, health-conscious filtration system on our backpack vacuums. HEPA vacuuming is a highly effective tool in our stepped, Green Safe pest program, to combat pest issues when chemicals just aren’t necessary. Whether it’s vacuuming an insect infestation, rodent droppings or hard to reach spider webs in your home our Green Safe techs are equipped for the task at hand.

The Green Safe Difference